Glass reviews the Alexander Wang Collection 1

“TODAY marks a new beginning, a new identity, and a new day for my brand,” these are the words of Alexander Wang, handed out on notecards to the guests of his latest fashion show. Following his announcement in January, the designer stated he would only show his collection twice a year, in June and December.

Sticking to the new and unconventional, Wang opted out of using seasonal names, choosing to simply call it, COLLECTION 1. Having found inspiration from his parents and their immigration story, the collection was dedicated to America and influenced by the diversity USA represents.

Although the execution of the show and release of the collection was unorthodox and new, Wang delivered a collection true to his signature style, edgy Model-Off-Duty, made up of Oversized menswear-inspired piece. The looks predominantly consisted of mini skirts and short shorts bottoms, with a few sportswear-inspired trousers. While the shirts, sweaters and jackets were influenced by American style from the ’80s-’90s. Fabrics, silhouettes and accessories carried inspiration from an eclectic mix of both archetype American and immigrant stereotypes.

by Lea Lindaas 

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