Glass sees in Chinese New Year at HKK, London

Step into HKK’s subtly marked entrance off London’s Worship Street and it’s clear that there’s a celebration underway. Lanterns, money ribbons and red lychee blossoms add a colourful centrepiece to HKK’s otherwise dimly illuminated space; the restaurant’s decorative nod to one of the biggest events on the calendar, the Chinese New Year.

yin yang seafood soup at HKKYin Yang seafood soup at HKK

Beginning on February 8, this New Year celebrates that of the monkey and to honour it, HKK – renowned for its banquet-style fine dining – has pulled out the stops. An eight-course menu, also available with a complementary wine journey, has been specially formulated to embody the iconography of the occasion and provide diners with an immersive culinary experience with a little touch of theatre.

tossing the salad high at HKKTossing the salad high at HKK

First up comes the colourful Prosperity Platter, a salad comprising radish, pomegranate, ginger, jellyfish and delicate sauces. It’s prepared at the table, stacked up in layers and then tossed – the higher the better – to bring good fortune for the year ahead. A chicken and seafood dumpling trio and gelatinous seafood soup follows, the latter’s two textures  – one based on vegetarian shark fin and the other a thinner broth – beautifully presented in the form of the yin yang symbol.

preparing lobster noodles at HKKPreparing lobster noodles at HKK

Next up, three of HKK’s sought-after mains. The restaurant’s famous Peking duck is carved by a nimble-fingered chef at the table with the resulting cuts of two-day marinaded duck presented in a trilogy of forms. An Instagram-friendly lobster dish follows, richly seasoned with a delicate bundle of noodles for company before a lamb dish characterised by Sichuan spices completes the savoury courses.

tray of togetherness at HKKThe Tray of Togetherness

A dish of well-balanced vanilla and mandarin dumplings, and a zesty green-apple parfait brings the menu to a close before the Tray of Togetherness – an array of sweets, chocolates and jellies – arrives with the promise of success and prosperity for those still with an appetite.

dumplingtrilogy HKKThe dumpling trilogy

People born in the Year of the Monkey are often characterised as curious and innovative; both attributes fitting of HKK’s New Year menu that comes steeped in symbolism and is sure to start the year off on the right foot.

by Ben Olsen

HKK’s signature menu is available from £88 and runs until February 20.

HKK, 88 Worship Street, Broadgate Quarter, London, EC2A 2BE
For reservations:
Tel: +44 (0)20 3535 1888

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