Glass takes a gastronomic tour of Hong Kong – Momotaro

Having only recently opened recently there is still a distinct buzz of celebration at Hong Kong’s Momotaro, an establishment flying high on Hong Kong’s main skyline as one of the city’s premier sushi and sashimi bars. There’s more than enough reason to celebrate at this upscale Japanese restaurant too – a Wellington Street location so central one can only embrace the fact you are in one of the world’s most populous cities, a chic after-hours lounge bar environment which allows one to really unwind after dining and many singular dishes and cocktail delicacies that are dressed to impress and pack a punch.

Indeed, Momotaro dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s but with Japanese fusion being all the rage in cosmopolitan hubs how does one manage to get ahead of the curve anymore? A little creativity is the answer, says Momotaro.

0R7A0692The entrance to Momotaro

0R7A0666The main bar / restaurant area in Momotaro

Introducing diners to the limitless wonders of Japanese cuisine, you’ll see crab, caviar, tempura and shrimp seafood practically presented under the creative auteurship of Wes Anderson the moment you take your seat in the charred wood surroundings and begin to appreciate the Tokyo street art gracing the walls. Laying them upon patrons with abandon, dishes are sized to perfection and don’t for moment skimp on flavour, or sheer volume of choice on the menu for that matter.

barmomThe bar area at Momotaro

MomoPriveThe private function area at Momotaro

When Glass visited Momotaro we were first taken on Momotaro’s Journey, a tasting experience that would commence with Ottawa 1950 (Vodka laced with Crème de Noyaux and Fresh Soy Milk) and Bohemian (Becherovka quelled by Elderflower Liqueur and fresh lemon) cocktails and Edamame festooned with truffle and sea salt to line our stomachs.

Journeying on, our favourites would go on to become a very well prepared Black Cod Miso, Beef Asparagus, the defined moreish, and Foie Gras with Wagyu Beef, thinly sliced though to allow the Miso Marinade Foie Gras to work in harmony with the profuse flavour of the beef. Momotaro’s signature roll, Dragon Maki, composed of Snow Crab and Eel with a light top layer of avocado, burdock and sesame which tied the textures up in a smooth package made for another highlight, far from stodgy – as some dragon rolls can be guilty of, keeping our eyes and stomachs trained to dessert.

Black Miso CodBlack Cod Miso


After a exploration of the flavours of Japan, Momotaro offers considerably lighter options for desert such as sesame and yuzu flavoured ice creams. Not forgetting the dining daredevils out there, Glass included, they also reserve room on their menu for a sinful Dark Chocolate Cake delight that positively erupts in one’s mouth, lucky for us.

Momo Sashimi Platter 2Momo Sashimi Platter

Yama Momo TaroYama Momotaro cocktail

Aside from the obvious culinary coups at Momotaro and the efforts to ensure a fine Eastern dining experience, the big draw at Momotaro is undoubtedly the shift from high fusion cuisine to lively lounge bar, after dark. This, amongst other things eases the diktats good etiquette demands in Hong Kong and Glass was able to witness this in all its dance soundtrack-ed splendour on a Saturday evening, the night to hit up this venue if you’re hoping a little bite after your seafood.

Spaced-out tables, which provide more than adequate seclusion when feasting, become even further spaced out and offer ample room to enjoy a Yama Momotaro, the house’s signature cocktail of Nihonshu (sake) combined with natural raspberry, peach and fresh citrus, shaken and garnished with a Japanese mountain peach called Yamamomo. And enjoy Glass did, something which this versatile and unequivocally cool venue pride themselves on – user enjoyment.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Momotaro
Momotaro, UG/F, 198 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
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