Glass visits Le Petit Beefbar – a newly opened steakhouse in Chelsea

THERE are not many people among the meat lovers who would disregard a steak as one of their all-time favourite meals. Visiting Le Petit Beefbar I was not sure if such a simple dish could ever climb its way to my top three, but the food and overall experience of the restaurant has proven me wrong.

Le Petit Beefbar Bao Bun

Hidden among the charming streets of Chelsea, Le Petit Beefbar has opened their first London restaurant last November. You can feel glamour and chic when stepping in through the heavy, velvet curtain, which separates the interior from the street. Drifting away from the stereotypical steakhouse aesthetic, The Beefbar surprises their guests with luxurious but comfortable atmosphere and warm, relaxing aura.

We were welcomed to the restaurant with a delicious old-fashioned while awaiting for our table to be ready. Cannage chairs and big, fringe lampshades create a vintage atmosphere and take you back in time.

Le Petit Beefbar Interior

Starting our dinner with the appetizers, we followed the chef’s recommendation and opted for jasmine tea-smoked Wagyu brisket bao buns. Their arrival was a spectacle in itself, the dome lifted from the plate revealed a cloud of smoke uncovering two perfect baos.  The sweetness of the beef mixed with the delicate texture of the bun was an absolute pleasure for the taste buds, leaving us wanting more. Second to come was an avocado hummus – creamy and smooth yet not too filling – a perfect amount for two.

Le Beefbar’s selection of the main dishes on the menu gives everyone opportunity to find something for themselves. For our mains, I have selected a miso black beef with a side of truffle potatoes whilst my guest chose a T-bone steak. As normally I do not go crazy for such simple combinations it has truly been one of the most amazing meals I have had in a long while.

The beef was unbelievably tender and sweet and you were not getting tired of it. The red wine was paired perfectly with each of our dishes and elevated the flavours even further.

Le Petit Beefbar – Miso Black Beef

The lovely thing about the dishes at Le Petit Beefbar is the fact that somehow they do not end up filling you up too much so we still had space for the dessert.

A simple yet effective idea, which I have not seen in any restaurant before –Fior Di Latte, a bowl of ice cream with sides of fruit, smoked almonds, and warm dressing sauces for everyone to personalize their own bowl.

Le Petit Beefbar

For anyone who decides to visit the Beefbar trying at least one of their cocktails is a must. I was very open for trying out new flavours, the El Frances became my definite favourite; tequila based with delicate hints of peach and fresh lemon was extremely refreshing and perfectly sour.

We left Le Petit Beefbar already planning our next visit to explore the rest of the menu. A definite one of top spots in London.

by Olga Petrusewicz

Le Petit Beefbar 27  Cale Street, Chelsea, SW3 3QP London

Tel: 0204 580 1219




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