Issa Resort Collection 2015

Issa and resort goes so well together, don’t you think? The houses first resort offering under the creative direction of Blue Farrier, who’s positively done wonders for the label, is nothing short of the ultimate voice for woman across the nation. Taking her vibrant cues from muses Francois Gilots, Barbara Hepworth, Bridget Riley and a host of iconic women that share a creatively determined spirit, the raw motif runs through boldly and brilliantly, with attire touched by the tropics that take on appealing elements of the natural world.



Issa’s renowned relationship with print and colour comes into its own here, with considered artisanal choices that herald new directions for Issa and patterns. Vinyl dye cut embroidery, layered three-dimensionally, has its way with a number of luscious materials, from the usual silk jersey to fil coupé and pleated georgette, applied to fitted, feminine silhouettes in which the waist wins out. Such shapely forms are the perfect partner to yet another resort collection motif, curves, with each smooth drop-shouldered piece utilising a motion that takes them on turns this way and that.



Next to the saccharine snippets of underwater ecosystem hues, monochrome ensembles full of life and luxe shouldn’t surprise you, this is Issa, and they just about hold the lead when it comes to unifying an outfit with recognisable features, be it an airy sun-dress of organza or culottes and matching upper wear. You’ll be able to espy the cruise collection charisma as well, because when taking heed from women that summed up international ideals of femininity with worldwide span, Issa’s in its Riviera-riche natural element.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Issa

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