Eye Spy. Kingsman x Cutler and Gross glasses exclusive

PERHAPS the sleekest film of the current decade, 2015’s film Kingsman: The Secret Service brought back a focus on stylish men appearing upon the silver screen and emphasised the importance of a clean-cut look. As we prepare to watch Eggsy suit up for the sequel this September, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Mr Porter reveal their exclusive collaboration with Cutler and Gross to recreate the recognisable square-framed glasses.

Kingsman x Cutler and GrossCutler and Gross x Kingsman glasses

Crafted by hand in Italy, Cutler and Gross have designed luxury high-grade metal frames branded with the Kingsman logo, available in both black and dark turtle. Worn by the likes of Taron Egerton, Channing Tatum and Colin Firth, the glasses can be installed with prescription and UV lenses to suit the needs of each individual. The eyewear/spy wear compliments an array of face shapes and represents confidence and an understanding of style.

by Joseph Furness
Available now at mrporter.com

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