LCM AW16: Private White V.C

Tapping into a source of limitless influence for a number of its sartorial inhabitants Private White V.C looked to the timeless allure of Mayfair for AW16, bringing the plutocratic borough to life for the aptly titled Mayfair Collection. What better way is there to celebrate the first anniversary of your Duke Street flagship after all?


As obvious as this seemed, the quality was all there and the true soul of the collection soon overtook any notions that may have been preconceived. Balancing a wide range of luxurious fabrics with highly technical finishes that boasted numerous stain and water resistant qualities in a tidy eco-friendly package, the uniquely stylish durability that Private White is known for was even more polished this season.

The staple standouts this time round also included oily black pea-coats carefully trimmed with sheepskin and similar looking pilot jackets built for harsher terrains, all this set against a stellar selection of simple blazers perfectly poised for a Mayfair mosey.




There latest cloth tech-aware wardrobe fillers, all lovingly hand-made in the UK at Private White’s very own 200-year-old mill on the banks of the River Irwell, really brought a touch of consciously created exclusivity to Mayfair. No doubt, and especially in the long run, this chic calmness will fare well in the choppy seas of luxury that surround their Mayfair flagship.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Private White V.C

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