LFW AW19: Mary Katrantzou

SIGNATURE kaleidoscopic prints, bold colours and an overabundance of drama, these three ingredients made up the marvelous Mary Katrantzou AW19 taking place in the inside garden of the Coutt’s Saturday evening.

This fashion week we’ve seen an increasing amount of oversized volumes and we’re not just talking about the shape here, elaborate use of feathers and the recent explosion of chromatic hues has replaced black as the official fashion colour, for the time being. For most designers a challenge, but right down the alley for misses Katrantzou.

Covering the garden in draped, cinched in and pleated sheets, cascading down as would a waterfall gave an almost phantasmal vibe to the venue, while simultaneously serving as a – much needed – sober background.

Inspired by the four elements, her AW19 collection blessed us with a whirlwind of stunning, extravagant and finely breathtaking looks, each capturing the unique characteristics of the elements be it in colour, movement, or shape.

Opening the show was – a now meme-ridden–  bright yellow heavily feathered and ruffled look setting the tone for the rest of the show. After a parade of bold bright colours and ombré gowns, the Greek designer introduced psychedelic nature-inspired prints, featuring flowers and butterflies, adding a touch of extravagance with shiny sequined flounces completing the look. Channeling some serious ocean vibes – and waves – were the head-to-toe blue looks, only a scale away from transforming into a mermaid.

Looks were voluminous, but Katrantzou kicked it up a notch with a particularly oversized jacket, encapsulating every layer of the earth. Soon after we reached earth-territory with cracked brown looks, creating the illusion of a wild animal print. With each look trumping the next in terms of extravagance.

Voluminous, gracious and mesmerizing, the Mary Katrantzou’s AW19 collection sure ruffled more than just feathers.

by Lupe Baeyens