LFWM: Tourne de Transmission SS18

THE CURRENT political situation, incontestable similarities to the past in decision-making, as well as the approach to life followed by politicians seems like the inspiration for Tourne De Transmission’s new SS’18 collection entitled The Lies That Bind.



Graeme Gaughan, a creative director of the brand, mentions the book Propaganda by Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward L Bernays from 1928, which makes him realise that choices made by society, rather than being individualistic and innovative seem to be guided by the desire of being accepted, which does not bring anything different to our lives. He questions whether humanity is aware of the ability of making independent choices and not be blinded by the media and government.



Transparent materials seen on trench coats and jackets are intended to represent the idea of lack of transparency within politics and media. There are also elements of interchangeable text that the wearer is able to alter, which stand for the manipulative relationship between the society and media. Side panels are opened and the straps, that can be loosened or tighten, held them together.



The atmosphere created by the use of lighting, as well as sophisticated selection of music by Jean-Gabriel Becker & LDN Selective, made the viewers enjoy this unique collection even more.

by Karolina Zielinska

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