Louis Vuitton announce Martin Parr as its latest collaborator for Fashion Eye book

LOUIS VUITTON has recently announced their latest addition to their ongoing collection, Fashion Eye, with world-recognised photographer Martin Parr for a new book titled United Kingdom

The collection looks into the representation of various countries, regions and cities through the lens of a chosen photographer, with names such as Cecil Beaton, Harley Weir and Helmut Newton as part of the extensive list of established artists who have joined the House on this endeavour since its debut in 2016.

Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye: Martin Parr Book

The new iteration by Parr sees a hardcover book washed in a light pink with the photographer’s name stamped in bold. The book features 118 pages, within which the reader can indulge in imagery taken by Parr between the years of 1998 and the current day.

Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye: Martin Parr Book

The book depicts various patriotic British-themed images, such as a hairy neck with the words “English and Proud” tattooed across it, amongst many others portraying people and places from all four corners of the United Kingdom. 

A true depiction of Parr’s attitude and feelings towards his country, the latest iteration of Fashion Eye captures the working class, the ordinary, and even sometimes the aristocracy going about daily activities such as picnicking, attending a wedding or enjoying a dip in the sea. 

Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye: Martin Parr Book

The book further sees images illustrating the face-off between the Glastonbury Festival and the Coronation Party, while arbitrary shots such as a black sheep, a white hat and a pink meringue add bursts of colour to the pages.

Each leaf of the picture book hosts full-bleed images in a landscape layout, ensuring each turn of a page is impactful. A recurring symbol throughout is that of the Union Jack, gesturing toward Robert Frank’s The Americans alongside an umbrella — a necessity to all UK dwellers. 

Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye: Martin Parr Book

The mischievous tone innate to Parr and his work is evident throughout the book. The photographer, who has been behind the camera since the mid-70s, doesn’t seem to grow tired of his people-watching as one detects his ceaseless passion for travelling and exploring British terrain. 

by Nicole Pereira