Maison Perrier-Jouët collaborates with Atelier Montex

A STANDOUT collaboration between haute couture embroiderer Atelier Montex and Champagne house,
Perrier-Jouët sees the art of Champagne combined with the art of embroidery, as a precious adornment isa dded to a trio of Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Vintage Champagnes.

Entitled ‘Ode à la Nature’ this edition is the result of a dialogue between two French houses that share a
vision of luxury, and excellence with artisanal savoir-faire aplenty.

Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Vintage Champagne

On the partnership, Séverine Frerson Cellar Master says, after the Anémone edition in 2022 “Perrier-Jouët wanted to present the second edition of its Objets Extraordinaires Collection. This year, art and champagne meet once again through our collaboration with Ateliers Montex. Libellule reflects the essential nature of French excellence for our two houses, but also the importance of art and nature for Perrier-Jouët.”

On the synergy of the two houses, Frerson goes on to say, “Like the blends we are preparing, Atelier
Montex has blended techniques and materials to create these unique pieces of art. Just as in the making of my champagnes, time remains an essential part in the making of embroidery at the Atelier Montex.”

Of course, for more than 200 years, Perrier-Jouët has been known for drawing inspiration from the realms of art and nature, first championed by its founders and then by every generation since, and this
collaboration only strengthens the creative ties.

Séverine Frerson

On the design Séverine shares that, “Atelier Montex drew inspiration from Maison Perrier-Jouët’s exceptional Art Nouveau legacy – the largest private collection of French Art Nouveau in Europe – at the Maison Belle Epoque in Epernay, which was for many years the home of the founding family. One remarkable piece was the starting point for the Libellule creation: a walnut side table with sculpted legs representing dragonflies by Emile Gallé, the same Art Nouveau master who created the anemone motif that is the iconic emblem of both Maison Perrier-Jouët and its BelleEpoque vintage collection.”

Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Vintage Champagne

And for two brands that pride themselves on excellence, it’s no surprise that the collaboration has been
long in the making, “It took a whole year of research, design, and development by Atelier Montex and each object is crafted by a single artisan for 75 hours. It was a true technical challenge because we wanted to make unique, contemporary, timeless objects representative of French excellence,” says Séverine.

by Felicity Williams

The Ode à la Nature edition is available at a retail price of 100,000 euros, see more on The Ode à la Nature Collection via