MFWM AW19: Britpop through an Italian lense at M1992 show

DJ, DESIGNER, conceptual artist … Dorian Tarantini s multidisciplinary background is encrypted into the DNA of the luxury streetwear brand M1992. Initially intended to be a video-art project, M1992 evolved into a line of clothing, which was showcased in the prestigious Principe di Savoia hotel during the FW19 season of  Milan Fashion Week Men’s.

M1992 is all about mixing, blending and juxtaposing, creating its own fashion code. The collection borrows references across multiple eras: the classic elegance of the sixties combined with a blast of cool Britannia swagger, the air of corporate properness, as suggested by the room, completed with a general air of the nineties. The creative brand celebrates and cherishes the “digital generation of luxury” as Tarantini described it.

With the remixed version of Girls And Boys by Blur blasting on the background, the models walked down the stage with a sass and underground pride in their eyes. The collection comprised of sharp silhouettes, spinning and blending the Union Jack with Armanified powersuits. Slim trousers that flare slightly at the ankle, boxy tailored blazers and harrington jackets are embroidered with martial and snakeskin motifs, and the photo prints that further expand the urban context of the collection.

Collaborations with Adidas, Barracuta, British Millerein, Alcantara, Isko Denim and Swarovski provide the playground for personal interpretations of codified items and textures. All-over Swarovski crystals add glitz to the looks, and completed with the Adidas gazelles, push the taste boundaries. Coated cottons and Alcantara come in a pallet of iconic London prints with sudden dashes of white and bright orange. M1992 wouldn’t be quite as right without a little thought provoking.

by Olga Kuznietsova

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