Miu Miu premiers short film, The Wedding Singer’s Daughter at the Venice Film Festival

ITALIAN fashion brand Miu Miu premiered a short film, The Wedding Singer’s Daughter on the weekend at the Sala Perla, Venice Film Festival for their Women tales series. Directed by Saudi filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour, Miu Miu’s short-film series invites today’s most influential and innovative female directors to explore vanity and femininity in the 21st century.

Actress Haylie Niemann in Wedding Singer’s Daughter

After seven years of setting up the program, Miu Miu has become a prominent force in the film industry, as they continue to offer a platform for female directors to share their stories. Producing the work of Ava DuVernay’s The Door and Dakota Fanning’s Hello Apartment. Following from Al-Mansour debut feature and breakout hit of Wadjda, for Miu Miu’s 16th commission the Oscar nominee director will focus on the facing dilemmas of strict segregation rules at Saudi Weddings surrounding gender and class.

The film will follow the lead character played by Saudi pop singer Rotana Tarabzouni and her daughter’s attempt to save the wedding day when she faces some technical difficulties as the electricity cuts out suddenly.

Trailer for the Wedding Singer’s Daughter

Al-Mansour says that Women’s Tales have been an inspiring project because, “It’s very important for women to tell their stories. And sometimes it’s hard.” In this new story, the singer’s young daughter is the unlikely heroine. She ignores the other girls’ scornful judgment, and instead uses her nimble mind, just like an independent film-director. “For me, the little girl represents the future,” reveals Al-Mansour, “and the future belongs to outsiders.”

by Melissa Kasule

Haifaa Al-Mansour’s new episode for Women’s Tales premiered at the Venice Film Festival’s Giornate degli Autori on September 2, 2018, along with a screening of Hello Apartment by Dakota Fanning. The full film of The Wedding Singer’s Daughter is now available on YouTube.

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