Moncler Destination Hong Kong fuses art with fashion

MERGING the creative worlds of fashion and art, Moncler relaunch their renovated flagship store at Harbour City, Canton Road in Hong Kong alongside a neoteric Moncler|Destination Hong Kong instillation. Mr Moncler, the Italian apparel brand’s symbolic ambassador, was recreated 10,000 times for the project in 19-inch statuette form for a flash art-performance that can be found dotted around landmark locations within the city.

Moncler - Destination Hong KongMoncler|Destination Hong Kong art instillation at Harbour City

Celebrating art as a multicultural shared experience, Moncler incorporate global maps and road signs within their limited edition collection, their new boutique windows and on the attire of Mr Moncler himself. Tying the theme into the Hong Kong takeover, the figurines are tailored with silver puffer jackets decorated with signs pointed towards five of the most supreme cities in the world (available as part of the capsule collection). Moncler attempt to “reduce the distance separating these cities” with the contemporary displays of artistry.

Moncler - Destination Hong KongMoncler|Destination Hong Kong art instillation at Lee Gardens

Acclaimed street-artist Craig Costello collaborated with Moncler to customise 350 Mr. Moncler unique pieces, to create limited edition collectables. By bringing Costello on-board, the outerwear experts communicated a message of expression that runs through the veins of the brand’s ideology, bringing visionaries together. The artist combined his drip-art craftsmanship with the brands animated representative to produce mini-masterpieces.

Moncler - Destination Hong KongMr Moncler figurine designed by Craig Costello

Emphasising the brands think-outside-the-box attitude as of late, the Destination Hong Kong extravaganza held at the Asian Metropolis is sure to be followed by more unexpected collaborations and events as Moncler continue to be playful with their luxury wear.

Moncler - Destination Hong KongThe refurbished Moncler boutique in Hong Kong

by Joseph Furness

Moncler, Harbour City, Canton Road, Hong Kong



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