Paris Menswear SS16: Raf Simons

Raf Simons was inspired by the 1970’s for SS16 – tartan patterns, extra wide flared trousers, even head scarves made an appearance on the catwalk for this collection.


Throughout the show any of the models wore head scarves that concealed their identity which must have made it some difficult to negotiate their way down the runway. Add that to the oversized trousers and lengthy coats and it’s  a miracle everyone made it down the catwalk and back without injuring themselves. The collection also had elements of femininity to it.



The pattern choices and cuts of the clothing made the collection feel like it could have been worn by women, especially the cropped jackets and sweaters that continued to make an appearance.



The palette was neutral, and many of the jacket patterns appeared to be laser-cut into the fabric. Many of the singular pieces were light in weight, but were layered in abundance. The densest thing on the runway was the thick chain-like strap that was attached to the rucksacks the models carried. Al in all, it’s a modern, lightweight collection that has a twist of nostalgia and a hint of mystery.

by Anna Coughlan

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