PFW SS23: Cecilie Bahnsen

“AS HUMANS, we make distinctions between our different shapes and sizes and everything else. But at our core, we are essentially the same”, shared Cecilie Bahnsen when talking about the initial inspiration for her new seasonal collection.

Titled “We are water”, this showcase explores introspections on oneness and similarity amongst society which gradually encouraged the designer to take a revolutionary approach to everyday fashion. Through observing the wear of those surrounding in the workspace, Bahnsen recollected her past views on the elements of high fashion. She dreamed of Paris and couture but recalled it as “something fancy, not for real life”. This inspired the designer to take a revolutionary approach to everyday fashion and “create something precious for every day”.

“Not saving her clothes ‘for best’ but wearing them, giving new life to the traditions of couture”, state the show notes. Nevertheless, the new approach continues the romantic and dreamy nature of Bahnsen’s designs as SS23 presents itself full of light and airy silhouettes.

Once again paying tribute to the brand’s appreciation of Japanese craft, this season features Japanese denim alongside signature bespoke luxury fabrics tailored into voluminous shapes; they create a merge between the sophistication of haute couture and the simplicity of denim.

Draping and asymmetry also take a permanent stance. Sheer fabrics are structurally layered on outerwear and separates, resulting in an ethereal and dynamic ensemble. These elements are introduced alongside a new category: seamless underpinnings, fabricated through a rib knit, finished with Bahnsen’s signature whisper-thin ribbons.

Additionally, the designer worked with the sneaker brand ASICS. The collaboration resulted in exciting customisation of the past season stock, further emphasising the musings on couture for every day. Each pair is one of a kind and was encrusted or embellished by hand in the studio.

Rich in its colour palette ranging from a Scandinavian core of black and white to pale apple green and soft lavender, embellished with bright accents of blue, this showcase offers inclusivity, range and luxury to the future of casual wear.

By Zlata Kriukova

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