Shamballa Jewels announces the First Universe of Light campaign

THE First Universe of Light, Shamballa Jewels’ latest campaign image, has just been released. Shot by fine art photographers Cooper & Gorfer, it stars Danish actor, Pilou Asbaek, in the first of a series of five images designed to unlock the Shamballa universe.


First Universe of Light campaign by Shamballa Jewels_RGB2First Universe of Light campaign by Shamballa Jewels

Asbaek, best know internationally for this role in Game Of Thrones and film appearances including Ghost in the Shell and Ben-Hur, shares his Nordic roots with the Shamballa Jewels brand. He embodies light shining from the Star of Shamballa, whose four directions point to the four virtues of the Shamballa philosophy: love, joy, compassion and wisdom.

Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, the founders of Shamballa Jewels, frequently cite ancient and indigenous tribes as a source of inspiration. Cooper and Gorfer make the perfect photographers for this latest campaign, as their work specialises in the portrayal of cultural identity issues.

by Amanda Bernstein


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