Shoes, glorious shoes at Harrods Shoe Heaven

Let’s get to the point, when it comes to shoes, there is nothing more heavenly that heels. Harrods knows this, we know this, and you should too, but just in case you need to remind yourself what made Sonia Rykiel once exclaim “How can you live the high life, if you don’t wear high heels?”, Harrods have kindly put their best foot forward for the launch of Harrods Shoe Heaven. Situated on their fifth floor, the artfully conceived sprawling shoe extravaganza is not just a new department containing over 55 brands, but instead, a reminder of how good shoes can instantaneously make someone worship the ground you walk on. Name any major fashion brand you can think of, no doubt it’ll be on the list of shoes that co-inhabit the typically Harrods Art Deco space comprised of 17 bespoke boutiques. And that’s just starting orders.


This is an experience were taking about here, something that’s rare in a world were being suspended online is making more people more inexperienced. Nowhere else is it possible to experience the limited edition ‘Silver Lining’ collection, a showcase of 2014’s most iconic shoes shellacked in space-age-chic silver, created exclusively for the new 42,000 sq ft luxury space by designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Roger Vivier and Christian Louboutin.

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Never before have Valentino plated a pair of Rockstuds in metallic silver, so by all accounts, especially for those avid shoe fanatics out there, it is quite something. Harrods have made sure to keep up appearances very well too, utilising a space that was the last interior to be designed by the late David Collins to incorporate private shopping suites, a dedicated express elevator and also a velvet banquet lounge area to give customers a shopping experience unparalleled in confidentiality and class, complete, of course, with expert style advisers.

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You may have noticed that we are already being bugged to start thinking about the oncoming festive season, but in Shoe Heaven you will be bugged no more, you’ll just be subtly reminded how fab a pair of sparkly silver stilettoes will be able to trump the brightest of baubles this Christmas.  So why not live the high life a little and start writing your Harrods Christmas lists now? No one is stopping you, certainly not Glass.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Harrods

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