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Following from the success of their Carnets de Voyage, in which four contemporary artists were invited to illustrate cities they visited for the first time, Louis Vuitton will be launching two new travel titles this Summer.

By commissioning Japanese manga master Jiro Taniguichi and Italian illustrator Lorenzo Mattotti, to create a fresh and contemporary impression of two very different places, Venice and Vietnam, they are taking the art of travel to another level.

Italian-born Lorenzo Mattotti, who adopted Paris as his home, first came to attention with Fires in 1986, a compelling illustrated narrative about the perennial struggle between nature and civilisation. In his Travel Book dedicated to Vietnam, a country with a complicated artistic and historic connection to France, Mattotti is guided by a rich and dense palette of colours, producing a series of flamboyant and innovative illustrations.

Jiro Taniguchi grew up in a small southern Japanese town, a place that still informs the work he produces. When Youth Comic published A Desiccated Summer in 1970, his ability to create searing images twinned with almost poetic script set in motion a lifetime of comic making. A Distant Neighbourhood (1998), which won the Alph’Art best script award at the Angouleme Festival in 2003, was adapted to screen in 2010.

For the very first time, Jiro Taniguchi has chosen to collaborate with a luxury fashion house, Louis Vuitton, coupling this popular but satirical art form with a whole new mindset. The Venice Travel Book is a shining reflection of the Jiro Taniguchi’s unique art. Throughout this volume, Taniguchi takes the reader on an stunning visual journey by illustrating some of the most breath taking landscapes and monuments in Venice.

by Nico Kos Earle

 Both books retail at £38

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