The House of Garrard Beijing store opens

BASED in the landmark Emperor Group Centre skyscraper on Chang’An Street, The House of Garrard has opened its new boutique, situated on the ground floor. Spread across 100 square metres. It includes VIP rooms where visitors can appreciate pieces in private.

Interior of the House of Garrard Display room, Beijing

The focus being high jewellery and bespoke commissions, the store boasts of a legacy of unique, one-off designs stemming back from Garrard’s founding year and its first Royal commission. Frederick, the Prince of Wales in 1735 started a long-lasting relationship with the British royal family. Thereafter, being appointed first Crown Jeweller by Queen Victoria in 1843. Since then, symbolic jewels have been created for generations after, including the sapphire cluster engagement ring of Diana, Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cambridge.

House of Garrard display room

The 118.88 carat Garrard Jubilee Sapphire stone of exceptional size, rarity and beauty was on show at the store’s launch event. A successor to the sapphires long associated with the house is the brooch given to Queen Victoria on her wedding day.

118.88 carat Garrard Jubilee Sapphire stone

This is then joined by the White Rose necklace featuring Garrard’s motif of lines, first seen on Queen Mary’s heart shaped Cullinan V diamond. This pear-shaped diamond and white gold motif which is a centre to a one-of-a-kind necklace which can be detached and worn as a brooch. This shows the diversity and versatility of the Garrard designs. Other than that, recent collections added to the Jewelled Vault will also be on view to celebrate the colour and beauty of the finest gemstones.

Private viewing room

by Ruth Misamu

Garrard, No.12 Jianguo Street, Chaoyang District, 100020, Beijing

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