Turnbull & Asser’s new art-inspired Mega Squares scarf collection

TURNBULL & Asser, the ultimate gentleman’s brand, have just launched their newest scarf collection. The design and inspiration behind these Mega Squares was found in the world’s ten most famous paintings and historical landmarks. This includes The Girl With The Pearl Earring from Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, Van Gogh’s universally acclaimed Self-Portrait, as well as London’s very own Big Ben and New York’s Statue of Liberty – coincidentally, these are also the only two cities where the brand has a store.

Turnbull and AsserThe Girl With The Pearl Earring  scarf from Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull and AsserRed scarf Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull & Asser

Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait Mega Square by Turnbull & Asser

The scarves, made exclusively out of wool and silk, are meant to represent the ever-lasting tension between the work of an artist and that of an architect. For £255 a piece, you can now own an abstract reproduction of some of the world’s most appreciated cultural entities.

by Clara Virieux

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