Valentino Vintage returns for 2023 with seven global stores

FIRST launched in 2021, Valentino now expands its unique experience of a second-hand initiative to seven vintage stores in selected cities across the world including Milan, Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Valentino Vintage evokes a space for the most timeless and elegant pieces to be exchanged for a new design, prompting clients to experience the fresh faces of the Italian Fashion House as well as past creations. This alternative mode of shopping channels into a circulative way of purchasing a ‘new’ item, and keeps the immortal sense of Valentino alive.

Valentino Vintage: Recess Los AngelesValentino Vintage: Recess, Los Angeles

Valentino Vintage: Madame Pauline MilanValentino Vintage: Madame Pauline, Milan

In this new chapter, the Maison is reframed to continue its iconic design DNA whilst expanding their universe through a variety of historical layers. This edition also boasts a creative partnership with 1 Granary, who invited their student community, and seven fashion, design and art schools in the respective cities to join the fun.

Valentino Vintage: New York VintageValentino Vintage: New York Vintage, New York

Valentino Vintage: Rellik LondonValentino Vintage: Rellik, London

Every vintage boutique was carefully selected to represent its local culture that’s exclusive to the city, allowing each of them to tell a contemporary story and provide an original vision to the project.

Valentino Vintage: The Plaisir Palace ParisValentino Vintage: The Plaisir Palace, Paris

Valentino Vintage: Janemarch Maison SeoulValentino Vintage: Janemarch Maison, Seoul

Starting from April 18th 2023,  each store will be modified into a Valentino Vintage display that embraces their DNA with open arms. Customers are welcome to participate in the vintage exchange program prior to this, with the maximum number of garments to be exchanged expanding from one to three.

Valentino Vintage: The Vintage Dress TokyoValentino Vintage: The Vintage Dress, Tokyo

The selected stores include Madame Pauline (Milan), The Plaisir Palace (Paris), Rellik (London), Recess (Los Angeles), The Vintage Dress (Tokyo), Janemarch Maison (Seoul), and New York Vintage (New York).

by Alicia Tomkinson