Welcome to the Autumn issue of Glass – Dedication

WHY did I choose dedication as the theme of this issue? I have been inspired by recent events – the selfless and tireless dedication of scientists and medical staff to end and treat Covid-19; the commitment of the footballers and sports people in the recent Euro Championships and Olympics, and, on a more personal way. the dedication of the Glass team and all the people involved in creating the magazine.

Historically, the word dedication has religious connotations and derives from the late 14 century French, dedicacioun, “action of consecrating to a deity or sacred use”, but has now evolved to mean possessing a committed sense of purpose. Giving your all.


We asked the actors we featured in this issue what dedication, our theme, means to them.

GM_47_Covers Kaya ScodelarioKay Scodelario. Photograph: Elliott Morgan

This is British-Brazilian actor Kaya Scodelario’s take: “I feel very lucky to work. People who come from my background don’t usually get this lucky. I’ve always just been dedicated to making sure that I didn’t lose it. I always have imposter syndrome where I’m terrified one day someone’s going to pop up and go, ‘you’re not posh enough to be here’.

“I just want to keep working as hard as I can to keep it going.”

GM_47_Womens_Features_NiamhNiamh Algar. Photograph: Nick Thompson

Irish actor Niamh Algar adds, “I’m very grateful and lucky to do the job that I do and the word ‘dedication’, to me, means sometimes sacrificing my time and energy to my acting work at times when it’s difficult. It’s those 4am wake ups and all those cancelled plans which remind me how much I give to the job.

“Ultimately it’s rewarding as what I do brings me so much happiness and peace.”

GM_47_Covers Camille CottinCamille Cottin. Photograph: Jason Hetherington

While the French star Camille Cottin says, “The mindset of dedication reminds me to be present on all aspects of my life: work, family, friends, myself.”

I would love to hear about what dedication means to you. How does it play out in your life?

Caroline Simpson

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