Why You Should Always Use A VPN When Travelling

The days of vacation time being synonymous with disconnecting from work and shutting off contact with the outside world are long gone. With quick access to the internet while travelling (in most cases), most of us continue to communicate, no matter where we go.

Whether you’re on a business trip, vacation, or travelling long-term, you’ll no doubt want to connect to the internet while travelling – whether it’s to check a few emails, post on social media, book airline and accommodation reservations, or watch TV.

Here are the most significant reasons to use a VPN while travelling.

Here are the top four reasons why you should sign up to a VPN trial before travelling:

1. Features for Safety and Security

Many governments, including the United States and Canada, have issued warnings about using public WiFi to safeguard their citizens. Logging in to free public Wi-Fi may expose you to hackers who might be able to access your data.

If you don’t need to attach a log-in name and password to connect to the Wi-Fi, it means that it is unsecured. Your personal data and passwords will be vulnerable to theft, including emails sent, banking information, credit card numbers, and login passwords. If you’re using a VPN, though, all of your data will be encrypted, making it practically useless to any hacker.

2. Access websites that are blocked

In some countries, certain websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, and news sources on the internet are prohibited by authorities. This is particularly evident in Asian nations including China, Burma, Vietnam, and Thailand. A VPN allows you to choose a nation where the website is accessible, allowing you to easily visit it.

Another example is Voice over IP (like Skype, Facetime, and WhatsApp) being banned in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Users in these countries must utilize a VPN to gain access to VoIP services.

3. Watch TV while on the road

On those rainy days or sleepless nights when we’re all bored out of our minds, there’s nothing more relaxing than browsing through our favourite streaming services and watching a movie or binge-watching the newest television program. However, after you learn that many services are only available in specific nations such as Hulu, BBC, or Starz Play, you’ll be disappointed.

With a VPN, you can watch Netflix Abroad.

Following the global release of Netflix in 2016, the streaming service cracked down on virtual private networks. Netflix has been able to ban numerous VPNs since then, although there are still a few that work with the service. Using a VPN to watch Netflix allows you to access material that is not available in your current location for one of several reasons.

4. Keep your bank accounts from becoming frozen.

A bank account being shut down while travelling abroad is the travel industry’s worst nightmare. Being thousands of miles from home and unable to access your funds is, without a doubt, not a desirable position to be in. This is another reason why, if you’re going to use your phone or laptop to conduct online banking while away from home, a VPN is a good idea. Your bank will not be able to tell that you’re abroad, preventing a fake threat from being detected.

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