With Art in Mind – Zebra One Gallery’s exhibition exploring mental health

WITH Art in Mind is a new show at the Zebra One Gallery, London, that explores mental health in the work of the world’s major artists – both contemporary and long-established. The exhibition aims to focus on the link between mental health and art and will raise money for the Mental Health Foundation. Very well-known names like Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol will be featured, alongside popular contemporary artists.

With Art in MindFrancis Bacon, Triptych

With Art in MindSalvador Dali, Neurology

All of the contemporary artists featured in the exhibition have experienced mental health issues. These artists include Kim Noble, Lee Du Ploy, Gerry Laffy, Nigel Stefani and Mason Storm.

With Art in MindGerry Laffy, Sea Queen

Kim Noble is an artist who due to the medical condition, dissociative identity disorder (DID), has approximately 100 different personalities, including Judy the teenage bulimic, Salome, devout Catholic, and Ken, a depressed gay man. She uses art as a form of therapy and each of her personality produces different pieces that are then exhibited under one name.

With Art in MindKim Noble, Mother and Babe

With Art in Mind exhibitionKim Noble, My Hands are Tied

Lee Du Ploy is a psychologist and artist, who paints his patients and other people who have suffered from mental health issues.

Mason Storm is an anonymous, masked artist who creates controversial pieces, usually in the style of the Old Masters, that focus on political and religious hypocrisy.

A percentage of the sales from the pieces will go to the Mental Health Foundation. The Foundation has long been committed to its own art programme as it believes that art is essential to understand, protect and sustain good mental health.

by Allie Nawrat 

With Art in Mind opens on November 16

Zebra One Gallery, 1 Perrin’s Court, Hampstead, London, NW3 1QX

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