Angela Flanders debuts new fragrance – Lawn

LAWN a new fragrance from the independent British perfume company has launched – and it’s a perfect spring scent. It is also the first perfume from Angela Flanders’ daughter Kate Evans who now runs the company since her mother’s death, at the age of 88, in 2016. Lawn was inspired by Flanders’ love of fabrics (she was a noted costume designer before setting up her perfume company) and a poem by family friend, the journalist and poet, Vicci Bentley.

Lawn evokes the dawn breaking and the sun gently warming the earth on an early summer day and features notes of bright bergamot opening onto a lush tuberose accompanied by black pepper, galbanum, patchouli, jasmine and lemon balm. This is a really gorgeous scent – multi-layered, dewy, loamy, sappy and bright.

Angela Flanders, LawnLawn by Angela Flanders


The poem that inspired the scent:

Lawn by Vicci Bentley

These gauzy mornings
there’s a reason why you push your bed pillow-close
to the open window so that the cool, the light
bathes you awake, five o’clock and eager
to leave diseased dreams and
watch the calm, silver sheet of
the dawning lawn receive
the unhurried tumble of a
petal’s feather curl

for in the blink of that first not quite time
you still believe in the lightness of your footfall
stepping out into the fresh, the wet
beneath your soles, between your toes
inhaling silver, tasting green
as each liquid call in the chorus
trickles down to touch the
newness in you
until the truth of the day scorches through

Angela Flanders was one of the best and most creative British perfumers, set up her fragrance line in 1985 which now contains 35 unique perfumes. In 2012, she won a prestigious FiFi Award for Best New Independent Fragrance for her floral chypre, Precious One. Angela Flanders has two charming shops in the East End of London, which as well as selling all her perfumes, offer home fragrances and skincare and are well worth a visit.

by Caroline Simpson

Angela Flanders, Lawn retails at £65 (50ml) EDT and  EDP £75 (50ml)

Angela Flanders, 96 Columbia Road, Shoreditch, London E2 7QB. Tel: 0207 739 7555. Opening hours: Saturday: 12 noon – 6pm. Sunday: 9am – 4pm.

Angela Flanders,  4 Artillery Passage, Spitalfields, London E1 7LJ. Tel: 020 7247 7040.
Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11am

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