Aries and New Balance launch official AS Roma Collaboration

ONCE again, Aries and New Balance indulged in a new exciting collaboration with Italian football giants: AS Roma.

Revealed on 4 November, the collection’s campaign features the infamous Giallorossi colourway. The kits, paired with matching elite football socks and pro-shorts, feature a diagonal marbling streak of yellow and red – colours that have become symbolic of the club. The goalkeeper jersey is a “cosmic fusion of Aries’ infamous dyed colourways, inspired by trash culture, outsider art and illustration” – fundamental elements of the brand and its Roman founder, Sofia Prantera.

Aries x AS RomaAries x AS Roma

The highlights of this unique collaboration are three custom jerseys, two of which will be worn in AS Roma’s Japanese tour when they play Yokohama F Marinos in Tokyo. In addition to that, the pre-game jersey, training tracksuit and a limited-edition silver and gold metallic jersey will be sported on 6 November at the Derby game at Stadio Olimpico. The sportswear depicts Rome’s most iconic figures, including Lupa Capitolina, Lucius Verus and Julius Ceaser.

Aries x AS RomaAries x AS Roma

The campaign lensed by photographer Niccolò Berretta pictures exclusive shots of world-renowned AS Roma players including Lorenzo Pellegrini, Andrea Belott, Nemanja Matić, Mohamed Mady Camara and Christopher Lloyd Smalling, alongside local Roman talent

Aries x AS Roma

Aries x AS RomaAries x AS Roma

Paying homage to the important role AS Roma has played in the historical narrative of Rome, for the Aries Creative Director, Sofia Pantera, this campaign is a personal love letter from Aries to Rome.

She commented: “To collaborate with an institution like AS Roma is the realisation of how sport, fashion and culture have become intertwined. Being Roman I understand how important this club is to the millions of fans in this city and around the world, and I wanted to reflect that through designs that celebrated Rome and conveyed its unique expression of football and fashion provenance.”

by Zlata Kryudor