Bottega Veneta Cruise Collection 2019

A RICH and lavish sense of texture unified the three sections of Bottega Veneta’s 2019 Cruise Collection, which was carefully arranged to carry through from autumn to early spring. The seasonal inspiration was reflected in the colours and fabrics utilised in the looks, which moved from warm neutrals through frosty metallics and into fresher hues of green and pink.

Berry tones for Autumn are nothing ground-breaking, but Bottega Veneta’s playful use of textiles brought a compelling new angle to the first section of the collection. Rich and earthy shades became a backdrop to an interplay of plush sweaters, draped taffeta and relaxed tweeds. True to the brand’s origins in luxury leathercraft, the collection also featured coloured leather ensembles in pale blue and mustard tones, as well as glossy terracotta knee-boots.

The second section of the collection had an icy quality to its aesthetic, with subdued greys, blues and wintry whites. Tactile layering was again at the foreground, pairing fur, suede and thick shearling jackets with the muted pastels and romantic white lace of Bottega Veneta’s loose trousers and A-line dresses. A standout piece was a frosted silver coat, which had a glacial beauty to its metallic textures.

The final looks in the collection had a spring-like exuberance and sunnier palette. A sense of youthfulness was evoked through the short suits and dresses teamed with coordinating jackets. Graphic prints used mathematical dot patterns to create snake-skin and lace effects, and further animal elements were introduced through a leopard coat and matching shoes. As a whole, the collection was an imaginative encapsulation of seasonal change, bringing Bottega Veneta’s signature exacting craftsmanship to the practicalities of dressing for the weather.

by Rachel Parker

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