Fall 2015 Haute Couture: Versace Atelier

Donatella Versace traded in the usual Italo-house thrills for some more traditional frills at a rather atypical couture offering from Versace Atelier in Paris.




Landing somewhere in-between Woodstock circa 1969 and Miami Beach Fall 2015 opened the flood gates to a hot spicy colour palette that was strewn across the body in dainty floral arrangements as models stomped on perspex that encased exactly 2,500 orchards in bulky vinyl platform boots.

This girlish flower power unveiled an interesting aspect of the Versace woman, no less extroverted but just a little more coy. Gowns with frothy falls of ruffles empowered her presence however and we were reminded in an instant that Versace is still all about the untouchable goddess, this one just replicated Ophelia however, flower crown in hair and all.




By the time top model Karlie Kloss was called upon to lead the final walkout she succeeded a number of slinky skin-flaunting dresses that appeared much like deconstructed lingerie in chalky bubblegum shades of baby pink and blue. This uninhibited vision of “natural”, well, natural for Versace that is, nymphette of the woodland in a fashionable fairy-tale had mostly the right amount of grand gestures but could of done with just a touch more polish.

by Liam Feltham

Images courtesy of Style.com

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