Glass experiences the Winter Terrace and Fondue at Tibits

DESPITE its humble origins as a way to use leftover cheese and bread, the cheese fondue has now become a luxury treat, and none more luxurious than the Tibits Swiss Cheese fondue. Available until February 28 at the Tibits Heddon St restaurant, it’s the perfect way to warm up any weary shoppers of Regent Street.

Glass reviewed the Swiss Cheese Fondue on Tibits’ beautiful Alpine-themed Winter Terrace. Nestled in our little corner of the Heddon St, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights, fir trees, cushions and blankets, we felt a world away from the craziness of central London. We were welcomed warmly and treated to a groaning spread of food, with the fondue centrepiece quickly surrounded by giant baskets of homemade bread, baby potatoes, mixed veg and glasses of the house white.

_MG_7404The Swiss fondue with a side of bread and potatoes

The fondue was truly delicious – a mix of the finest Swiss cheeses oozing onto warm bread. It was creamy with a tangy edge, perfectly complementing the textures of the cauliflower and broccoli. The potatoes and bread filled us up quickly while the vegetables cleansed the palette in between the lashings of cheese. We also discovered that there is nothing more relaxing than watching the cheese bubble while we watched the well-heeled promenade of the Heddon St restaurant quarter.

Overall, it was a wonderfully indulgent experience – so indulgent that we attracted more than a few instagrammers, rose sellers and very admiring glances. After all, with a decadent spread like that, who can blame them?

by Lucy Wai

The fondue including bread and cheese costs £19pp with a vegan option available. Book with 24 hours notice here.

Tibits, 12-14 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4DA


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