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KOREAN skincare is more popular than ever and Asian beauty products are being launched into the European market at record speed. Korean beauty brands are partly responsible for the boom in sheet masks, which rapidly became a big sensation in the beauty industry. One of the most recent newcomers introduced to the UK is Dewytree, a Korean skincare brand, specifically known for – guess what? – their sheet masks. The beauty enthusiast and junkie that I am, I could not wait to get my hands or shall I say face on these masks.

DEWYTREE - Black mask - Feature Image

Dewytree sheet masks


Dewytree is made with natural ingredients and claims to provide clinically proven skincare that will deliver immediate results from the first use. Further, they state that the masks are a result of a “natural recipe” that heals our tired and exhausted skin. Their products are slightly acidic with a PH level of 6.5, they are also tested by dermatologists.

I tried out their 3 Steps Royal Snail Black Mask and Honey Moist Black Mask, both sheets masks.

The 3 Steps Royal Snail Black Mask is the most extensive, containing three products in one, a cleanser, a serum and then the mask. I applied this mask in the early AM, ahead of a day that was spent makeup-free, before I had an event with heavy makeup at night. The mask left my skin very (!) moisturised for the first couple of hours, it was not oily, but the product made my skin extremely dewy for quite some time. As a consequence, I would not recommend applying make up or any other beauty products straight after use. That being said, when applying my make up in the early evening my skin was glowing, feeling nourished and hydrated, my makeup went on beautifully.

DEWYTREE - Black mask - Aqua

Dewytree3 Steps Royal Snail Black Mask

With the success of the 3 Steps mask I was excited to try the Honey Moist Black Mask. I applied the moisturizing mask in the evening, after having removed all makeup and cleansed my skin. As of habit I always use a scrub before any PM mask, I find this makes the mask more effective. After my scrub, I applied the mask and left it on for the recommended 15 minutes. When removing the mask there was still some excess product left on my skin, but after massaging this into the face for a minute or so, it was all absorbed. I woke up the next morning eager to see the results, and let me tell you, I was not let down. My skin looked radiant, plump and was the perfectly moisturised.

DEWYTREE - Black mask - Honey

Dewytree Honey Moist Black Mask


I would highly recommend both masks. They deliver the promised results, making the skin look and feel moisturised and healthy. They claim to heal tired and exhausted skin, something I would say is accurate and I agree with. The masks are the perfect product for an at home hydration boost.


by Lea Lindaas 

Launching at Superdrug stores nationwide in July, retailing at £4.99

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