Glass reviews new hair essentials from Aesop


IT’S finally that time of the year, when the sun is shining more often than not and the temperature has risen enough to warrant leaving the house without a coat. While the change in weather is to be more than welcomed, your hair will be asking for more considered care over the next few weeks.

That’s where Aesop’s newest haircare products come in. Celebrated for their botanical skincare, it might come as a surprise to know that the first products ever to be launched by the iconic Australian brand were, in fact, haircare.

They have expanded their comprehensive hair range, which includes numerous cleansing and styling items, with Tame Hair Serum and Sculpt Hair Polish, both of which will expertly smooth down the hair while adding some shape and structure.

Tame Hair Serum has a wonderfully light texture, not at all greasy or clumpy as some serums can be, which works really well both on damp or dry hair, drying to a weightless finish. The best thing is that you can layer it onto the hair without it ever feeling heavy.

Aesop Hair Tame Hair Serum 60mL NSAesop Hair Tame Hair Serum (60ml, £25)

Sculpt Hair Polish offers a weightier formulation, ideal for adding more definition to precise styles. It’s an impressively elegant formulation that is easy to apply and beautifully absorbed by the hair.

Aesop Hair Sculpt Hair Polish 100mL Unsquashed CAesop Hair Sculpt Hair Polish (100ml, £23)

Both products are really effective at giving hair a subtle shine, resulting in healthy-looking locks, plus there’s that signature Aesop aroma which makes the user experience all the more enjoyable.

By Derby Jones

Available now from Aesop boutiques and select retailers