Glass tests OR, Je Suis – a luxury facial serum from Odile, Paris

PACKAGED like a present, that makes my inner princess heart race, as does the word Paris and finding this authentic brand which emanates from there.

I can’t make it to the Paris salon today, obviously, as I’m no where near there and well maybe some other reasons too. So I choose beautify at home with this fabulous Odile Lecoin serum, Je Suis, the I am, of a family of OR, or gold, (as in quality not the mineral), skincare that includes, I illuminate, I dream, I fly away among other uplifting titles for feel good potions.

Created to ensure the legacy of Odile Lecoin, a beautician frequented by the most discerning women of Paris over 30 years ago, the luxury of this serum in palpable, a molten golden oil that seeps right in to the skin, giving a prompt hydrating and firming effect, with a veil like lightness.

OR Je Suis OR, Je Suis

Within the hour of application, my cheeks have apples and my eyes are opened that little bit wider that allows me to give a flashy French wink at the sky.

Some alchemy has diminished any worrying frown lines and brought a luminosity never seen before on this face, within just days of use.

Weirdly, it’s partly the preciousness of the pretty bottle, tattooed in golden baubles and sobered by black French text, which echoes into my soul that makes me feel good in my skin, allowing my to negotiate my days with that air of grandeur only the women of Paris have.

So now I know the secret of youth, I cleanse day and night, apply my OR Je Suis, anti -rides par excellence serum, add any additional protective layers needed ,or maybe just a dash of OR Jétincelle flash eyelift and voila, I can relax  or do whatever needs doing, while it does it’s magic.

By Sara Kirkwood

OR, Je Suis – The Anti-Wrinkle Serum Par Excellence (50ml)  £85