Glass tries authentic Armenian cuisine at the new Lusin Mayfair restaurant, London

ARRIVING in the heart of Mayfair, we are transported through what appears to be hidden, mirrored doors, that open up a world of culture in the brand new Lusin Mayfair restaurant.

With a refreshing Armenian cuisine, the interiors do not falter, as imported chiselled stone circulates around the building, meticulously designed by architect Maram Seddiq. Lusin, which means moon in Armenian, is curated by Mira Foods and is an award-winning gastronomic concept, inspired by travels to Armenia and Lebanon. The experience is rounded by a specially crafted menu by two Michelin-star chef, Marcel Ravin, and delivers a vibrant explosion of taste from the best of Eastern Europe.

Lusin Mayfair @ Edmund DabneyLusin Mayfair @ Edmund Dabney

Lusin Mayfair Appetisers @ Ming Tang-EvansLusin Mayfair Appetisers @ Ming Tang-Evans

Once seated, a selection of crafted cocktails are being scattered amongst the room,  crafted by mixologist Giancarlo Mancino  creating an image of what is yet to come. Flavours of cherry and pomegranate appear to be a key element to this collection, and we are definitely not complaining about it!

Next, a triumph of starter dishes from hot to cold, a buffet-like set up right across the table. Salads include a delectable Fattoush and Authentic Armenian Itch which we have never tried before but so glad we are now as the ingredients taste so fresh it’s hard to believe they haven’t been cut that second. With a range of levant mixed vegetables, confit tomatoes and bulgur, we will definitely be trying to recreate this at home.

Lusin Mayfair @ Edmund DabneyLusin Mayfair @ Edmund Dabney

Lusin Mayfair The Famous Cherry Kebab @ Ming Tang-EvansLusin Mayfair The Famous Cherry Kebab @ Ming Tang-Evans

Other cold appetisers include Hummus with Pine Nuts which go down a treat with their freshly prepared grilled flatbread and the Lusin Signature Eggplant Roll, topped with a serving of pomegranates that add a tart balance to the dish. However, our favourite by far is the warm bowl of Cheese Borak; a melt in the mouth bite of Akawi cheese encased with a fried spring roll.

Quickly, we receive another great spread for our main dishes which include The Famous Cherry Kebab, a hot dish of lamb kebabs smothered in a thick, sweet layer of cherry sauce and topped with a handful of pine nuts. Across from me for our second dish is a generous, moon shaped helping of Red Pilaf with Truffle, which includes spiced bulgar and black truffle. Staying true to the spice theme, we have a selection of side dishes to accompany us that include Spicy Potato and Grilled Tenderstemed Broccoli, that have been flavoured with a range of Armenian spices. Safe to say, our plates went back clean.

Lusin Mayfair @ Edmund DabneyLusin Mayfair @ Edmund Dabney

Lusin Mayfair Lemon Tarte @ Ming Tang-EvansLusin Mayfair Lemon Tarte @ Ming Tang-Evans

Once finished and realising the raved about desserts are on the way, we are quickly topped up with our drinks before the final dishes are placed before us. My absolute guilty pleasure, a Lemon Tarte, arrives alongside the Honey Cake and we know we are in for a treat.

Effortlessly split in two by the waiter for us both to try, we dig in and wow. The Honey Cake is filled with layers of honey biscuits and cream, whilst also topped with a gooey honeycomb, which is surprisingly delicious. And dare I say it, the Lemon Tarte may even be better than my mums back home.

Once we have cleared our plates, we have a chat with the friendly staff and begin to leave the restaurant. Lusin Mayfair, I look forward to returning again soon and I urge anyone who hasn’t tried this incredible Armenian cuisine before to visit here as soon as possible.

by Alicia Tomkinson