Glass visits Amangiri, Aman Resorts, Utah

ON the approach to Amangiri, the stark, uninhabited natural landscape of Utah provides the perfect opportunity to detach from the modern world. Crushed hues of red, pink and brown rock that can be traced back 165 million years form high and low densities, narrow enclaves and jutting pinnacles. Sand dunes undulate across the landscape sweeping in peaks and troughs, in and out of sight until your eyes meet high tables of rock, far in the distance. This is where canyons are most commonly found.

WG_Glass_Aman_0648Amangiri hotel in Utah. Photograph: William Green

The hotel itself sits low and long in a natural clearing of eroded rock, noticeable from its private road only due to its geometric shape. Harmony between landscape and architecture is balanced through the use of existing rock and exposed materials that will naturally patina over time, while expansive windowpanes allow the landscape to envelop the interior spaces. Sit in the Water Pavilion’s outdoor heated step-pool for the best experience of feeling dwarfed by nature and engulfed by creature comforts.

WG_Glass_Aman_0559The Water Pavilion at Amangiri. Photograph: William Green

WG_Glass_Aman_0485Elegant architectural details abound at the Amangiri hotel. Photograph: William Green

The sweet smell of sage subtly permeates the resort and makes a pleasant appearance in bathroom condiments too. Sage naturally occurs in abundance within the grounds and the hotel seeks to retain coordination between nature and luxury, outside and in. Ingredients in the restaurant are sourced locally where possible to keep this balance in check.

AmangiriThe landscape around the Amangiri hotel. Photograph: William Green

While it is tempting to spend the day in front of cracking wood fires in the main restaurant, or smaller oil burning ones outside each room, the landscape should be explored. Group hikes begin at 10am and 3pm and give short but sufficient introductions to the surroundings. Do this first, as a greater appreciation of this seemingly barren landscape will be quickly established and your own trails can be easily plotted for the coming days.

WG_Glass_Aman_0528A fireplace at the Amangiri hotel. Photograph: William Green

the Amangiri hotelA bedroom at the Amangiri hotel. Photograph: William Green

For us, time was best spent looking, relaxing and taking short walks. Amangiri propagates a relaxed atmosphere complemented by plush but understated elegance. Attention to detail is matched only by their attentive but relaxed approach to service that few hotels can match.

by Stephanie Clair

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