Guerlain announces new partnership with the Goodplanet Foundation

IN 1853, the bee became a symbol of Guerlain connecting the brand with this vital part of nature. The bee has become the prime source of inspiration and is depicted on the most precious bottles. The Abeille Royale and the Aqua Allegoria collections have the bee as the source of these lines using honey as the core ingredient – this element is known to have one of the world’s most effective revitalising effects on your skin.

Guerlain’s Personal Brand Beekeeping

With bees at the centre of this skincare brand, Guerlain are announcing their sixth partnership with the Goodplanet Foundation. Over the past couple of years, bees have experienced a huge decline in population to the point they are now endangered. Set up by the globally established photographer, director and ecologist Yann Arthus-Bertrand, through this initiative he aims to raise awareness amongst young people about the hardships faced with protecting bees.

The Black Bee Island by Guerlain Video

The partnership between Guerlain and the Goodplanet Foundation is foregrounded by two aims. One is that it will financially aid two activity leaders at the La Ruche factory to create an artistic and pedagogical installation to discover the world of beekeeping. The other aim is to give visitors of the foundation to receive Bee School workshops by Guerlain workers with the help of teachers from the Goodplanet.

by Imogen Clark