Nike announces a new capsule with Feng Chen Wang

STRIVING to break traditional sportswear conventions, Nike has announced their latest collaboration with London-based designer Feng Chen Wang.

Fuelled by their insatiable hunger for ground-breaking design, a six-piece capsule collection showcasing Feng Chen Wang’s experimental, pioneering style will be released in late September.

The chef d’œuvre of the collection, the Transform jacket, is constructed with functionality in mind. Utilising a range of fastening methods, the wearer can construct the jacket in more than 30 unique ways to allow unique, self-actualised styling techniques.

Speaking on the jacket, Feng said: “This jacket is a perfect example of how products can be designed with inclusiveness and versatility in mind, making them suitable for everyone. Regardless of gender, age, body type, or what sports one likes to play, everyone can take pieces of a garment apart and combine them until a perfect match is found.”

Incorporating sustainability into her design approach at all times, Feng continues to construct garments for the athletes and trendsetters of the future. Releasing a crop top, bra and tights alongside the Transform set, the Nike x Feng Chen Wang collection showcases the Chinese designer’s signature over-constructed designs and innovation.

Combining expertise, technology and experimentation, the capsule embodies Feng’s “to own less it to own more” philosophy. The collaboration will be available worldwide from September 28th on, SNKRS and at select Nike retailers.

by Sophie Richardson

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