Luxury beauty brand Omorovicza opens pop-up spa at Clifton Nurseries, London

CELEBRATED Budapest skincare brand Omorovicza has opened a temporary spa offering a unique facial especially for the event hosted in the beautiful and relaxing surroundings of Clifton Nurseries, west London.

Omorovicza extracts minerals from the world’s largest source of healing thermal springs of the Hungarian capital and, via some clever extraction processes, deploys them in its highly effective, all natural and highly rated skincare products.


omorovicza at Clifton spaThe Omorovicza Spa at Clifton Gardens, Little Venice, London

An unique update of the traditional Hungarian facial massage technique, the treatment on offer this weekend is a radiating and illuminating one – aimed to get your skin ready and in great condition for spring – and treats face, neck, shoulders and décolleté.

In different precise stages, using the Omorovicza products, the massage is very focused and firm – a really rigorous facial workout, such that I have never experienced before. The masseur’s skillful hands applied pressure and choreographed movements and strokes across my facial area that at some points during the massage, it felt like my face was rippling – not in an unpleasant way however. It just felt very, very effective.

She pummeled and massaged my skin in order to stimulates the lymphatic drainage which eliminates excess fluid and toxins to get rid of puffiness and to increase muscle tone and facial firmness. This is really helpful especially as hayfever season which blights the summer for sufferers – like me –  has just began, as lymphatic drainage can really help with the puffy eyes, congested noses that are our benighted lot.

At £25 (which is redeemable for any Omorovicza purchase), I was astounded at how reasonably priced this high quality expert facial using such luxury products, is. This really is a total bargain and well worth checking out this weekend – it  also gives you an excuse to check out the beautiful Clifton Nurseries.

by Caroline Simpson

The treatment lasts for 30 minutes and is suitable for all skin types. The Omorovicza Pop Up is open until May 14 between 11am – 4pm.
To make an appointment please visit Clifton Nurseries site

Clifton Nurseries, 5a Clifton Villas London W9 2PH.
Tel: 0207 289 6851

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