Park Chinois Mayfair ups the razzmatazz with new show

JUST like the ancient Romans who demanded “bread and circuses”, the modern Londoner also appreciates a dash of spectacle along with his supper to feel completely satisfied on a night out. Chinese upscale restaurant Park Chinois, sandwiched between Nobu and Sexy Fish on Berkeley Street, is taking the “spectacle” part seriously with their new show.

  Park Chinois - Live musicThe Chinese New Year Show at Park Chinois  

Inspired by the glamour of the 1930s, Park Chinois’ new evening entertainment is a “burlesque extravaganza” to be enjoyed with dim sum and then some. Enticing their guests with ‘femme fatales’, bell boys and jazz, it’s all played out within the frames of the restaurant’s Gatsby-esque setting. The first act is a trio of ladies in matching negligees with Art Deco lampshades on top of their heads, complete with shining lightbulbs. A bit shady one could say, yet a charming performance.

Park Chinois - ShowDancers in the show at Park Chinois  

The host thereafter enters the scene, carrying out a splendid soul performance as your hors d’ouvres arrive. By the time you’re having your main (a delicious black cod in our case) the atmosphere feels increasingly sexy (as to the point where my prudish mother was critically asking what in God’s name I had posted on my instagram stories the following day). Yet, it’s never too much to handle for the seasoned nightclub-goer, with a taste for Agent Provocateur, pin-ups and, lo and behold, sword swallowing.

Park Chinois - BarAnother view of the Bar at Park Chinois

Speaking of extreme performances, if you’ve ever witnessed the The Box’s production (a cabaret club) favoured by London’s nightclub set, billed as a Theatre of varieties’) you’ll know it’s not for the faint-hearted. But while The Box shocks and horrifies (think naked, amputated and deformed) Park Chinois enchants and delights, and occasionally makes your date blush a little; just perfect for making that Saturday night a tad more interesting for the both of you.

Park Chinois - MenuPark Chinois Menu

by Anna Madsen

Park Chinois, 17 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London W1J 8EA

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