PFW AW14: Rochas

It appeared as though a bag of Christmas ornaments exploded over the collection of oversized coats, dresses, and sweaters at Rochas this season . The mix of detailing included peplums, jewels, floral prints, and subtle pleating.  There were fringes that looked similar to garland, bolting across the side of skirts, elbow length gloves, and draped across the top of dress below.


Over-sized silhouettes of layered outerwear, mixed in with a few form fitting shapes which constituted collar shirts tucked into high-waist long skirts. The colour palette included brassy gold, beige, black, a plethora of blue and smidgen of pink.


The models held “chill” looks on their face, the make-up natural with full chunky lashes top and bottom and hair down with loose flow-y curls. Looks were embellished with heavily ornamented heels and bat wing cat glasses. Models sported slouchy hand coverings similar fitting to that of a classic rubber glove.


Alessandro Dell’Acqua recently took over as creative director after his predecessor Marco Zanini worked  five years with Rochas. Dell’Acqua also designs his own line No.21 and Zanini moved on to Schiaparelli. Some of the pieces looked a bit ‘too’ large causing a less flattering result on the catwalk. Nonetheless, a well pleased Dell’Acqua met his audience with a large grin at the end of his debut with the brand.


by Maegan Gregoire

All photos courtesy of