An eastern paradise in central London

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Thailand is a place renowned for its spa culture, with tourists flocking from all corners of the globe to replenish the body and mind using ancient herbal remedies in exquisite settings. But if you don’t have time to hop on an 11-hour flight to Bangkok, we would suggest you pay a visit to London’s Thai Square Spa instead – the only traditional Thai spa in the UK to be exact.

Once you’ve elbowed your way through Covent Garden’s throngs of tourists, you’ll come to an old Victorian warehouse which houses the Thai Square. Happily there’s nothing else Victorian about this place, which has all the luxurious trappings of a traditional Asian spa, from exquisite gold and red décor, to pre-treatment footbaths and serene, attentive staff. If you’re feeling the effects of city-fatigue, this place is just the prescription.

The spa at Thai Square

The spa at Thai Square

Walking through the grandiose reception room, you’re led down into the womb-like treatment area that comprises several large therapy rooms and a palatial relaxation suite where you can sip on a herbal tea before the treatment begins. Their Traditional Thai Facial is ideal for those suffering with dehydration and stress-related tension and lasts for an indulgent 75 minutes. After the foot soak, the facial begins with skin being thoroughly cleansed and organic products using Asian botanical ingredients applied, together with a Thai herbal compress to soothe and relax the facial muscles.

The accompanying massage focuses on various pressure points to boost circulation and release any energy blockages. In terms of facials, I wouldn’t say this was necessarily results-driven (you won’t find any microdermabrasion, lasers or tingly acid peels here) but what it lacks in clever gadgetry, it makes up for in being one of the most supremely relaxing experiences in London (and sometimes all you need from a beauty treatment is some serious TLC more than anything else). Expect to walk out with buttery soft skin for up to a week and your equilibrium restored in the bargain.

Thai Square Spa

Thai Square Spa

by Viola Levy

Thai Square Spa 25 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9HW

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