Perfume house Penhaligon’s introduce Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom

In russet tapestry o’er the crumbling steeps.
—No step retreating, on the sand impress’d,
Invites the visit of a second guest;
No refluent fin the unpeopled stream divides,
No revolant pinion cleaves the airy tides;

Nor handed moles, nor beaked worms return,
That mining pass the irremeable bourn —
Fierce in dread silence on the blasted heath

An extract from: The Botanic Garden. Part II. Containing The Loves of the Plants.
A Poem. With Philosophical Notes by Erasmus Darwin

storied English perfume brand Penhaligon’s has launched two new fragrances Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom composed for the house by master perfumer Alberto Morillas who was inspired by the poetry of the nation’s island landscape – in particular the wild coasts of Scotland – where the land meets the sea, to create these intriguing perfumes.

small Penhaligons_15_07_157520_v1_RGBBlasted Bloom and Blasted Heath by Penhaligon’s

Both perfumes are aquatics with the salty seawater freshness of Blasted Heath – intended for men but women also have been wearing it – underpinned by tobacco and vetiver undertones, while Blasted Bloom (for women) is a unique combination of crisp leave-y brightness with a seductive musky warmth. These are unique and complex fragrances whose appeal grows the more they are worn.

Of the perfumes’ creation, Morillas says, “Both fragrances are for me like paintings of nature. They depict wilderness and the preserved landscape of English seashores. I am a very visual person; I imagined the fragrances like spontaneous
photography. I see a powerful wave breaking itself on the rocks for the masculine fragrance. For the
feminine fragrance I was inspired by wild flora under the wind and sea breeze.”

Glass thought it would be appropriate to seek out an alternative text (we are aware of the Macbeth reference) that contains the name of one of this pair Blasted Heath – The Botanic Garden. Part II. Containing The Loves of the Plants which was written by the poet, physican, philosopher and, of course, botanist Erasmus Darwin, a polymath indeed – and also the grandfather of Charles – which is a reminder of the botanical traditions of the British Isles.

Blasted two boxes

Blasted Bloom and Blasted Heath presentation

The two scents are beautifully presented with slate and stone effect packaging, with smooth slightly textured packaging, which was intended to “capture the landscapes which inspire the fragrances”.

To accompany the launch of Blasted Bloom and Blasted Heath, Penhaligons have commissioned media group Cereal to make a film. The elemental Blasted is the Kiki Smith inspired result.


by Caroline Simpson

Blasted Heath and Blasted Bloom available from Penhaligons and selected retailers: EDP 50ml £90, EDP 100ml  £124


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