Serge Lutens introduces eye and lip inks

LUXURY COSMETIC and perfume brand Serge Lutens has released new eye and lip inks, which will provide a subtle outline to the eyes and lips and leave a matt finish.

The inks offer a product that combines extreme precision that has a weightlessness to it, making it a ideal product who want a delicate hint of colour to their appearance.

Serge Lutens Eye Liner and Lip Inks

Serge Lutens Lip Ink (£34)

The Garde Rouge Lip tint offers its wearer adjustable coverage allowing them to shape and define their lips. For more intense colouring, the lip tint can be complement with one of Serge Luten’s lipsticks.

The lip tint is available in three shades; La Belle Sienne, which can be paired with lipstick No.7, La Grande Écarlate, which matches great with lipstick No.1, L’Étoffe du Mat M1, or Lipstick Allumette No.1 and Sombre Rose which harmonise perfectly with lipsticks No.15 and No.16.Serge Lutens Eye Liner and Lip Inks

Serge Lutens Eye Liner (£38)

The Trait D’Union eye ink is a waterproof eyeliner, which through its fine point effortlessly accentuates the eye. The eyeliner can be used for simple lines and graphic looks to more elegant styles. With its intense shade of black, it impeccably enhances the outline of the eye.

by Julie Heinisch 

Serge Lutens Eye and Lip Inks are available at Serge Lutens