Soho’s Tabun Kitchen is launching a special late-night Ramadan Iftar menu

JERUSALEM Palestinian-inspired restaurant Tabun Kitchen is launching a special late night Ramadan Iftar menu to break the fast during this year’s festival. The Pasha’s Feast menu especially for this this period which ends in mid-June. It is five courses of authentic Palestinian food designed for two people to share, costing £40 per person. The restaurant will be open from midday until 11pm seven days a week to ensure those eating late will be able to take advantage of the menu.

Tabun Kitchen

Tabun Kitchen

To break the feast after fasting all day, guests are given apricot Juice, Fair Trade Palestinian Mejdool dates and freekeh soup. The dates restore their blood sugar and the soup prepares their stomachs for the large meal to come. This is followed by a selection of mezze and an assortment of Palestinian pizzas to choose from. This leads into three meat-based meals; musakhan chicken, fatet Jaj chicken and lamb maklouhbeh. (vegetarian option available) If that doesn’t fill you up, there are two traditional options for dessert.

Founder Hanan Kattan says, “We welcome everyone, whether you are observing the fast or not, to try our traditional Iftar feast. We hope you will enjoy the warmth of traditional Palestinian hospitality in a relaxed, modern setting”.

by Tom Halford

The special late-night Ramadan Iftar menu will be available at Tabun Kitchen from May 15 until June 14

Falling on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, the Muslim festival of Ramadan is a holy month when Muslims fast and devote more time to prayer. Many Muslims will pray five times daily and will recite the Quran before the sunset when they start their feast. This daily meal is called The Ifta.

Tabun Kitchen, 77 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 8TH


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