Haute Couture Spring 2016: Elie Saab

Elie Saab continues to bring out the inner princess in us all with his latest couture collection for SS16. The collection continues Elie Saab’s classically whimsical reputation with a reasonably natural and neutral collection.



Saab had a simplistic, natural colour palette for the most part with hints of florals, giving the entire collection a garden like feel. It’s the sweet dresses you could spend hours twirling in and a few comfortable looking trouser ensembles that still have an elegant touch. The whole thing feels like a desert oasis.



The fabrics used felt a bit sturdier than the usual Saab choices. There are still classic chiffons but paired with heavier beading, thicker organza materials, some lace, but everything is dripping in sparkle. Not over the top, but just to add a nicer sheen to the garments.

There’s still a lot of the light flowiness Saab tends to produce, but all that embellishment needs a slightly sturdier base to grip onto. It’s a stunning couture collection for your next Oscar visit.

by Anna Coughlan