The Mayor Gallery to present Miguel Chevalier

PIONEER of digital art Miguel Chevalier is opening Ubiquity 1 and Ubiquity 2 at Litchfield Studios and The Mayor Gallery  respectively. Chevalier will be presenting a series of new works in motion on screen, print and sculptures across the two locations, including Méta-cities, a piece which reflects on the urban landscape, responding to the growth and evolution of a city.

12_projection_meta_cites_2Photograph by Miguel Chevalier

You can expect a mesmerising and interactive experience from Chevalier; previous installations include Magic Carpet, a digital carpet of light that unravelled across the floor, creating an immersive atmosphere of colour and shapes, dazzling exhibition-goers. Chevalier incorporates infrared sensors to detect movements of the audience, using computer-generated software to create the sensation of a moving floor. Light and motion move in synergy, encasing the audience in an aesthetically pleasing swirl of neon colours, providing an unforgettable virtual reality experience.

6_meta-cites_3Photograph by Miguel Chevalier

Miguel Chevalier has consistently produced fascinating exhibitions and installations for museums, art centres, galleries and public spaces around the world.  The Origin of the World – Bubble 2018, was recently unveiled on Oxford Circus for the annual collaborative Lumiere Festival in London. It features a virtual-reality installation projected on to a suspended sphere, hoisted above pedestrians.

origin_world_bubble2Photograph by Miguel Chevalier

by Faye Leung

Ubiquity 1 will run from April 12 – June 1 2018 at Litchfield Studios, 133 Oxford Gardens London, W10 6NE.
Ubiquity 2 will run from April 12 – June 1 2018 at The Mayor Gallery, 21 Cork Street, First Floor, London W1S 3LZ

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