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Sibling really socked it to us at menswear this season with a pretty in pink punk ch-ch-ch-ch-cherrybomb explosion. The Runaways hard-rock hit actually opened the show and just the like all-female rock groups dose of transgression that paved the way for women in rock ‘n’ roll, Sibling have made a genderfluid declaration for the modern man.

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Soaking nearly everything in a candyfloss pink, London’s avant-garde go-tos rendered a number of essentially rough and ready schoolboy staples, chunky knit sweaters, rowing jackets and even neckties, utterly poptastic.

While the girls do their bit to steer completely clear of any overt displays of femininity, it seems that it’s down to our Brit boys to poke fun at lurid girlishness with garish argyle ensembles paired with frayed trimmings held together with strips of Soho circa. 1980 hot pink pvc.

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The two extremes came courtesy of an exquisitely constructed paper suit ensemble, leading one to believe that a manila envelope must have been pinned to AW15’s mood board, and also chaotic bursts of fuchsia fur coats. Only for the brave was this collection, because when one makes the decision to start toting oversized teddy bears a few heads will unquestionably start turning. To hell with that though, Sibling have done it their way this season and it was all in good nature.

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