LC:M SS17 – Backstage at Craig Green with American Crew

THE tension between volume and restrictive strapping at Craig Green is fascinating and beautiful. Embroidery, quilting, saturated and bleached colour, rope-stitched coats, and instantly desirable helmets, bonnets and half-hoods were shown with a hair look that was flattened and the antithesis of primped.


REVLON PROFESSIONAL STUDENT FASHION (5 of 18)A hair look at Craig Green

John Vial, Hair Lead: “This was really an anti-volume statement, but don’t reach for flat irons. We wanted it to be head hugging but with texture. We used a hair donut rolled out and cut so it sits round and clings to the head – inspired by how a lot of African communities use tights and wraps to flatten hair.”


REVLON PROFESSIONAL STUDENT FASHION (8 of 18)A hair look at Craig Green

Backstage, the models in their mesh wraps resembled a team of extraordinarily good-looking bank robbers. If you were to ever consider pulling a bank job, perhaps get a hair and make-up team to carry it out… so many boys to style and dress, in so little time, and yet the atmosphere remains calm, intense and highly focussed.


LCM SS17 Craig GreenA hair look at Craig Green

The result, once the clothes were on and the head-wraps off? Hair hugged the contours of the skull, flaring around the neck when worn longer. A look all-too-familiar and unwelcome to any schoolgirl required to wear a felt hat in the winter term, but at Craig Green it gave an air of gawky, boyish disinterest, keeping the focus on a collection of beautiful, complex pieces.

by Rachel McCormack

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