Christian Louboutin reveal the LoubiFamily collection – a hit for every household

INTRODUCING a season of colour, saturation, and energy, during a time where gloomy dark nights are upon us Christian Louboutin dazzle fans with their new LoubiFamily collection.

Fit for the whole household, a nostalgic, childhood memory inspired series sees the magic of all things fun and bright this winter, as it unravels the fantasy of growing up. The product category carries a unique universe on its back with a line-up of cartoon superheroes and stars of the Comics print, created by Christian Louboutin in presentation for this collection. Meet Superloubi, Wonderloubi and Pilou the Lemur on this journey through the designer’s early days and world of adventure.

“The idea for LoubiFamily was born during lockdown. For the first time in a long time, I got the chance to spend several months in the same place with my closest friends, my daughters, and our dog. I wanted to explore the idea of adulthood for children and childhood hood for adults, transposing fabrics and colours and playing with details.” Says Christian Louboutin in a statement about the series.

Louboutin Loubi Family

First is the Super Loubi sneaker, available in Loubi red or the Comics print, and features oversized zip pullers or Velcro openings enclosed beneath the laces, as seen on the Funnyto sneaker. The mini version for kids features a cute neoprene superhero cap on the heel, and on each of the shoes, half of Pilou the Lemur will be displayed to help them learn their left from right.

Louboutin Loubi Family

Next is an inspired ballet pump named Melodie Chick, taking after its older sister the Hot Chick and its iconic cut-out topline. Available in Psychic red, patent black and three shades of nude, this delicate style will feature a Loubi red non-slip soul and an elasticated snap button strap.

For dressier occasions, the Melodie Strass displays a glimmering take on the Maison’s Follies Strass pump, with a sheer mesh upper and a variety of festive colours and fabrics.

Louboutin Loubi Family

Louboutin Loubi Family

Finally, a variety of collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs will be available, in either signature Caraspikes or Louboutin engraved Loubi red rubber, as the Maison ventures into its first unique pet accessories collection.

by Alicia Tomkinson 

Available online early November, before hitting stores worldwide.