De Beers unveils its renovated store at Harrods

DE BEERS Diamond Jewellers Following a recent opening of the Madison Avenue store, the company has relaunched their renovated store in the Fine Jewellery Room at Harrods, London.

Harrods1v2 FINISHED_Original_15592The De Beers store at Harrods, London

“We are delighted to unveil our new home at Harrods. We have designed this new space with our local and international clients in mind to fully express our brand’s uniqueness and convey our century old diamond understanding in a friendly yet refined setting. Through this beautiful space, dedicated to our craft, we invite our clients to an intimate and personal experience where expertise meets emotion,” says De Beers CEO, François Delage.

DMB-DE_BEERS_HARRODS_LAUNCH006CEO of De Beers, François Delage (right) with guest

The store showcases an unique selection of  De Beers’ jewellery collections, including Talisman and Lotus, the new DB Darling diamond engagement ring, as well as High Jewellery, which expresses the spirit of the brand which was established in 1888. The store was designed to reflect and echo the brand’s most distinguished and well-known qualities working with expert craftspeople on the space focusing on the use of  ”subtle contrasts, including silk and wool, refined fabrics, natural oak from sustainable forests and translucent glass, to create a singular atmosphere”.


DMB-DE_BEERS_HARRODS_LAUNCH001Laura Jayne Smith (on the left) at the De Beers Harrods launch

by Karolina Zielinska

See the De Beers website for more details.

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